Magic In The Moonlight

Just what I ordered. This was a sweet and quirky Woody Allen film. Other critics hated it. They are calling it lifeless and dreadful. Eek. I thought it was funny. This movie had parts of pure woody Allen, and I like that. It also snuck in a little theoretical religion discussion. I liked it better than the critically acclaimed “Blue Jasmine” too.

5 questions answered.
1. Did I like it?
Yes. I usually like these Woody Allen, and this was a particularly sweet movie. Emma Stone and Colin Firth with a little Hamish Linklater thrown in…what’s not to like?
Plus, it was really funny.
I guess Emma Stone liked working with Woody Allen too, because they are filming another movie according to IMDB.
One other thing to note, is the way the characters were drawn in this film was refreshing. Even the most set in their way person can change their mind. This humanity is a treasured aspect to the film.

2. If this movie was going to win an award, what should it be?
Costumes. Emma stone was adorable in those 20s style dresses. I want to wear every single one of them! She has a pale complexion with red hair, and that costume designer, Sonia Grande (who did Midnight in Paris as well), put her in pale yellows and pinks. I was going crazy for almost everything she wore.

3. Is there anything I didn’t like?
I think it would have been better if they cut a few minutes off some of the speaches.
SPOILER: I would also have liked if the main characters decided to be friends. I didn’t feel the romantic chemistry, and it did have something to do with the gaping age difference.

4. What are some of my favorite Woody Allen Movies? This should help to be a good indicator if you might agree with my assessment of this movie.
Scoop, Midnight in Paris, Annie Hall, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Match Point, and my all-time favorite Whatever Works.

5. Are these bad qualities?
Intellectuals and pseudo intellectuals always say Endearing, Nostalgia, and Sentiment with a scowl. I am not so sure these are bad things. I like to see a little sweetness sometimes, and I thought this movie was understated and charming.


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