Horrible Bosses 2

Hilarious!  Horrible bosses 2 was so funny. I am huge fan of Charlie Day, and I adore Jason Bateman. Jason Sudeikis was humorous too.  I had heard it has bad reviews, and I was hoping that they were wrong. I had to see this one for myself.  

5 questions answered
1. Was it as good as the first one?
Both movies are tied! It was funny. I loved the first one, and still quote it a little bit. “I don't have sleeve gloves.” and  “I'm like an expert at sifting cocaine”.
This sequel was hilarious too!
Jason Batman is always funnier to me when he is the straight guy trying to wrangle up friends or family. Ahem, arrested development, ahem. This was classic Bateman, and he played it flawlessly. Wiling to go along for the ride, but the voice of reason.
Charlie Day, oh, I just love him! He is so fast talking and off the wall. Some might say he is the “wild card”. He plays his part so well. In the trailer it says “why him!?!”… ohhhh, I get it. I choose him too!
I like Mr. Sudeikis too. He has a whimsical hopeful charm that works in this movie.

2. Guest stars much?
Yes! Jenifer Aniston is truly vile and that makes her fantastic. Kevin Spacey, what a lovely character. So, so horrific.
Jamie Foxx stole the show. One scene involving twizzlers, I am still chuckling. It was so quiet, and so funny. To be quietly funny is a priceless attribute.
Chris pines was decent. Johnathan Banks (that older fellow from Breaking Bad and Community) was pretty good too.

3. See this with your sister? Boyfriend?
My sister loved it. She likes dirty comedies, so she was a good choice to take. The audience was loving this movie. They were cracking up at all the right parts, so it was fine to laugh really loudly.  
Yes, take your boyfriend if he likes these types of movies. My boyfriend never saw the first one…although I think he would like it. So, I didn’t take him. I do think he would like this one too.

4. Would I see a Horrible Bosses 3?
Hands down, yes! Bring it on!

5. Why was it named Horrible Bosses?

I am not 100% sure. It was probably to make the name of the movie recognizable…and that worked. I would have changed the name to Horrible Bosses 2: A Kidnapping gone wrong. Or something like that. It would be more accurate.


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