The Pretty One

Hipster Tears. This movie portrayed coping with loss in a very realistic way, while also keeping it modern and fresh. I really enjoyed this movie, but I was not prepared for the exquisite sorrow. This movie was excellent, and I recommend it. I rented it from DirecTv for like $6. I think Amazon has it for $4. VideoETA said it was coming out in September on DVD.

5 questions answered

1. How was the acting?
Let me tell you! That Zoe Kazan is kind of awesome. I am a fan. She was also very good in “Happythankyoumoreplease”, “Ruby Sparks”, and “Bored to Death”. She is dating that guy from Little Miss Sunshine, Paul Dano, for 5 years. She is kind of cool, right? You can add this to the list of successes as far as I am concerned.

I already like Jake Johnson from "The New Girl", so I was biased. I don’t feel like he is doing so much acting in the film, but he has an air of truthfulness to him. This honest sincerity translates so well on screen. I just HATE his beard. He is so handsome in an unconventional way. I wish he would let us see his face.

Frances Shaw was surprising. She could easily of slipped into the role of popular mean girl, frenemy, yet didn’t. She played that on the TV show “Mixology”. She is very pretty in that way that likes to cast her as a bitch, but she persevered and grew through her friendship.  Not bad.

Ron Livingston. Oh, Mr. Post-It…still the same. Hardly any screen time, so don’t see the movie just for him.

2. What are my favorite movies I have seen about losing a loved one?
What a sincerely difficult question.  Why do I always make myself rate movies?
5. The Pretty One- So, Pretty high praise.
4. Imaginary Heroes
3. The Darjeeling Limited – Actually I like this movie the best of all in this list, but it deals with more issues than just losing someone.
2. About Time
1. The Beginners

3. What made the movie hipster-ish?
The look and feel of the characters. They are urban, and wear vintage cloths. The main character’s haircut, and the apartment. But his movie did have a sweet innocent feeling that coated the hipsterness. It was a tolerable amount, except for the aforementioned beard. And overall the movie was more charming than expected.

4. Do I need a hanky?
Ahhh, yes! I cried my eyes out, but not at the part I thought I would.

5. Would your sister like it?
Yes! Don’t watch it without her, you will have to see it again with her…and you will miss her while you are watching it.


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