22 Jump Street

Did you like 21 Jump Street? I thought it was much funnier than I expected. 22 Jump Street was even better. There are jokes I am still chuckling about the next day.

5 questions answered
1. Best reason to see this movie?
You will laugh your ass off. It was just so funny. This movie was very aware it was a sequel and it made fun of itself.  There were jokes poking fun at the actors themselves, and 21 Jump Street in general. The script was just hilarious. And I am sure I missed some jokes because I was laughing so hard. The theater I saw this with agreed. Everyone was laughing, and pretty loud. If you like this type of movie, then you will probably find it funny.

2. What is the second best reason to see this movie?
Channing Tatum! He is as funny as Jonah hill, I mean it. I was in a horrible seat, the front row on the side. his face was all distorted, and I still liked him. The chemistry between him and Jonah Hill is fantastic.

3. Were all the funny parts in the trailer?
Actually no. They did show some of it, the squid and some of the other jokes. They also showed some things in the trailer that didn’t even make it into the movie. There were at least a dozen things that I was embarrassed to be laughing so hard, that were not in the trailer at all.

4. What surprised me?
This movie actually had a surprisingly moral agenda. It referenced the use of gay slurs as a negative connotation. It even went as far as to say the exact correct phrases that should be used, gay or homosexual. I didn’t anticipate a gay friendly agenda, or any agenda at all. I thought that was genius though. So many people of different diversities are going to see this movie, and I appreciate the gay friendly attitude (even though I am not gay myself).

5. Cameos? A few.
The usual suspects. Spoiler ahead:
·         Dave Franco
·         Nick Offerman
·         Jillian Bell- Workaholics!
·         Ice Cube
·         Rob Riggle


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