Let's be Cops

This movie was pretty funny. I liked it. My advice is to rent it.

5 Questions answered
1. How funny was it?
I thought there were a few huge laugh out loud moments and a bunch of chuckle worthy jokes. The audience I saw it with was cracking up. There was one lady in the front of the theater that laughed so hard, I thought she might need medical help. I didn’t think it was that funny, but It was pretty good.

2. Two guys from “New Girl”?
Yes, it was like a really long episode of new girl, but not as funny. New Girl has more heart, but I would not have seen this movie if I didn’t already feel like these were my people. I watch them every week, and I know them. Their humor is funnier to me, because I already “get them”. There were some jokes in this movie that were a little cruder than New Girl, but that was fine with me.

I am a huge fan of Jake Johnson from “Safety Not Guaranteed”, so I was inclined to see this movie for that reason. I also already like Damon Wayans Jr. from “Happy Endings”. This movie is a lot more like “Happy Endings” than “New Girl”, though. The movie has that sense of silliness that goes even further into unrealistic situations. Which is something I am ok with, as long as it is truly hilarious. And this movie had did have flashes of hilarity.

3. Is Rob Riggle good in this?
Yes, he was. You never know with him. But, he had a few moments that really worked. The weird part is that he was in “21 Jump Street”, and did a guest appearance in “22 Jump Street”. Those movies and this one are buddy cop movies. This is a strange coincidence.

Taco, John Lajoie, also showed up. Not even close to funny. I love that guy. What was he thinking?

4. Would my sister like it?
My sister thought it was ok. I do think my boyfriend would have felt the same way if he had seen it. I can’t blame her though, because I only slightly liked it more than her.

5.What could have made this movie better for me?

If they didn’t get too serious in the end, it would have been better. People didn’t’ go to this movie to see people in a serious situation, they want to laugh. I think they could have been funnier about it. 


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