The One I Love

Stunted and boring. I was thoroughly surprised how much I didn’t like this movie. I wanted to like it!
Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss? Come on! It should have been lovely and thought provoking. It did make you think about relationships, but this coolness was bogged down by tediousness. If they had spent a tiny bit of the film showing or explaining the supernatural, then it could have turned out differently. I like dramas, and I like mystical elements of life peppered into movies, but this was too much nothingness followed by confusion.
I am a smart movie watcher, and I can accept when things are not explained fully, especially if there are some good lines or unrestrained beauty in the movie. “The One I Love” masquerades as a movie that only a brilliant person would understand. When in fact, if you are pretending to understand the main premise, then you must be stupid. If you only look at the relationship, then it didn’t even resolve that aspect. This movie was not good.
5 questions answered:
What do people like about this movie?
They are saying that it has strong performances and a truthful commentary of how people change after they fall in love. And yes, those are the good things.

People also like that this film is cleverly designed. Uh! I have to disagree. If this movie had been better at telling the story, I would have been happier. One climax of the movie is followed by a boring card game. Way to be anticlimactic! This is just one example of the inherent design problems.

What did I hate the most?
The rules kept changing, without a good explanation. They glossed over the entire reason for the super natural elements.

Secondly, I felt like the characters didn’t learn from their mistakes, or grow. I wanted so badly for them to achieve something or destroy something. Nothing happened.

What did I like the most?
Mark Duplass was cute and funny. He always plays his characters with authenticity, and I appreciate that. He also executive produced this movie though, so I have to also blame him for this atrocity too.

Would your sister like this movie?
No, mine didn’t. We did like the ideas about how people change over time. That was interesting. But, we kept saying “something better happen soon”. It was just too slow, and lackluster.

What other movies would I compare this one too?

None actually.  It is very unique and that is kind of cool. If only it was good! Maybe nobody made a movie like this before, because it was a bad idea.

P.S. If someone else told me this movie sucked, I would probably have to see it anyway. Because I loved Safety not Guaranteed. But, I am right...skip it!


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