A Million Ways to Die in the West

This movie kind of sucked. I liked the idea of so many cool people in a movie together. This list was endless.
·         Charlize Theron
·         Amanda Seyfreid
·         Liam Neeson
·         Giovanni Ribisi
·         Sarah Silverman
·         Neil Patrick Harris

The jokes were only medium funny and they went on too long. A few jokes were good, but then they repeated them many times until they became unfunny.
5 questions answered:
1. Would I see this movie again?
NO. Even if it was free on TV, I would skip to the next channel.
2. Were there surprise guest appearances?
Yes, and some of them were actually fun and unexpected.
3. Did I laugh at all? Have to look away at all?
Yes, there were some funny parts. I did laugh. Yes, I did also have to look away once. Seth MacFarlane will ALWAYS make a joke so bad you physically can’t watch. I am sure some people like that. I am not one of them.
4. Good Date Movie? Girl’s Night out Movie?

No to both. Both my friends and boyfriend hated it. It is worth skipping, unless you LOVE family guy. If you love that show, can’t miss an episode (you probably already saw this movie), then you will laugh so hard you almost cry. You will be just like the guy sitting behind me.


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