Edge of Tomorrow

Ground Hog Day meets any Tom Cruise Action Flick should be the tagline. Whether he is fighting aliens or the spies, you already know what to expect. A lot of fire power, a little humor, and a amusing summer movie.

I quite enjoyed this one. I am not a huge fan of aliens, and I wasn't too scared of these. Don't get me wrong, they are not nice aliens. But, they do not have faces that will give you nightmares. 

I do like Emily Blunt, and she was cool (as usual). Tom Cruise is still cute.

The movie was funnier than I thought it would be, and the plot kept moving forward. I would have cut a few minutes here and there. Overall, it was actually an entertaining movie. There were some amazing moments, and I didn't always know what was going to happen. Generally, I accurately guessed, but not entirely. 

Before I saw the movie I thought it would be ok. After I saw it, I was really impressed. 

5 questions answered: 
1. Would I see it again? 
Probably not. Once is enough.

2. Is 3D worth it? 
NO! I saw it in 3D, and there were no significant differences. 

3. Fun Date Night movie? Good for a girl’s night out?
Yes to date night. If the girls like action movies, then yes.

4. Do I recommend it? 

5. Did expectations get met?
Yes, because I had medium exceptions, and it was better than that! 


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