Brightest Star

Rather Boring. It was like nothing happened plus nothing happened then boring. This is not a movie I would recommend. I am a huge fan of Chris Lowell. I would probably see this movie anyway, even if I read a bad review. I would think that maybe I would like the movie, even if they didn’t. Go for it. I dare you.  I am right. The whole thing was not worth it. Nothing happened, and he constantly made bad decisions. It was just painful to see. The script and plot were not interesting.

5 questions answered.

1. Was Chris Lowell cute?
Yes. He always is. I have liked him since that tv show “Life as we know it”. I was excited he was in Veronica Mars. Even though I wanted her to be with Logan. Obviously! And I still watch “Enlisted”, in defiance of it's cancellation. I thought he was hot on Private Practice, although they didn't give him nearly enough screen time. I even saw the movie “Graduation” (He wears a very nice white sleeveless shirt). Now, that was a fun movie. See that instead.

2. What irritated me the most?
Missed potential. I think that they could have fixed this movie. If the main character could show the right girl that that he could grow, then it would have been worth it.

Chris Lowell has the acting chops, just simmering under the surface. If the movie was better, they could have let him show that off. If the script was better, we could have understood his stupid decisions. They never reached any of these important marks or gave a heartfelt glimps into his motives.

Don’t even get me started on how they misused the amazing acting talents of Allison Janney (The mom on “Mom”) and Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson on “Shield”, Richard on “New Adventures of Old Christine’). Hardly letting them in the scene is just squandering a lucky break.

3. Was there anything I liked?
Yes, the idea of letting the universe showing you the right way. It is a good idea, if they had taken it further, then I would have been more happy, of course. Perhaps if the universe had made his life great first, or unbearable now, then that would have worked so much better. All this middle ground didn’t support his theory either way, and it seems he learned nothing.

4. What is this movie about?
This guy’s heartbreak and subsequently trying to get her back (even though she does not deserve it at all.) I would have preferred it was about him trying to move on. That is a move I would have liked to see.

5. What aspect of the movie most disappointed me?
The breakup! I love a good break-up. One that shows how much love is still there or gone. I have even seen a good break-up that has no words, but is still powerful. (“Uncorked”).  But this was just a mess. Not in a good messy way either. It showed her emotionless telling the guy to leave, for almost no reason. They did show a few scenes in flashback of them arguing in montage, but it wasn't good enough.

Skip this movie. It is not a hidden gem of an indie movie. I do not recommend it.


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