Wish I Was Here

Cool and succinct. This movie was not “Garden State”, but it was good. It was a series of impactful moments. It was thoughtful, beautiful, true, and heart breaking. I mean that with as a sincere compliment. I was worried about this movie, because it was getting such bad reviews. I knew I would have to see it myself to decide.

5 Questions Answered
1. Why did I think I would like this movie?
I loved Garden State, the other full length movie written, directed, and staring Zach Braff. The music was so good in Garden State, it was life changing. I was hoping for the same thing from this movie. I loved to see the true characters come alive and I thought this movie had the same potential.

2. Did I Iike this movie?
Yes. It has feel good moments, and thoughtful situations. My biggest problem, which I knew going into it, was that it was going to be a tear-jerker. I was right. I cried my eyes out, because it affected me so realistically. I loved that aspect.

The relationships felt genuine. The father relationship was complex and faithful to a potential real life situation. His brother was frustrating yet truthful. His wife was ethereal and candid. There was even a Turk guest appearance. Yay!

The music was good, not life changing, however. I knew most of the songs, and only one of them, I was like “I have to look that up later!”

3. How did Kat Hudson hold up in this?
So perfect. I was a little worried, but she was flawless. She was the greatest choice for this role, and I am glad she chose to go outside her usual comfort zone in this film. She usually plays lighter characters, or at least a little ditzy. I do like her, don’t get me wrong, but usually her characters don’t require this type of depth. She nails it in “Wish I Was Here”. I was impressed. I believe you will be too, if you decide to see it.

4. Is this movie funny?
There are funny parts. More so, the kind of funny parts that you have to like the characters already and see it through their eyes. I did crack up more than once.

This movie has a focus on modern Judaism as well, which very unique. There are not that many movies that show the harsh, and in my experience accurate, realities of a temple not accepting people for who they are. The accuracy of these situations left some hilarious moments. I know that I did enjoy it more because I am Jewish, but I don’t think you have to be Jewish to appreciate it.

5. Would  my sister like this movie? Boyfriend?

Yes.  Bring your sisters. They are the perfect companion for this film.  Probably not, unless he is a fan of Garden State already. 


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