The Intern

A handkerchief is what I needed for this movie.  If only Mr. De Niro was around to hand me one. I need an intern!  This film was funny and charming. The Plot is just as you thought it would be. It was sweet, but strong. I love a good female empowering movie that has gets its humor from situations that feel realistic.

Ohh, and I did say anything about the cloths! I know a lot of people don’t like Ms. Hathaway, but I actually do. I think she nailed the character. She is strong, fashionable, and smart. I must find that black leather pleated skirt she was wearing!

Mr. De Niro doing his thing, as usual, very good. Two of my fav Workaholics killed it! I missed Blake, but Adam Devine and Ander’s Holm were fantastic. And one scene made me laugh so hard I had tears.  I must note on Mr. Holm’s nasty facial hair though. I wish someone would tell him to shave!

Ms. Nancy Meyers directed. She is known for “The Holiday”, “Something’s Gotta Give”, and “Baby Boom” Don’t you just love those movies? She is not cliché in dealing with life’s challenges, and injects humor into situations that feel realistic if you were a rich skinny person that was living their dream job. But, of course, we all relate to these character’s silly flaws.  She had a quality that empowers. After I watch any of her movies, I always feel more beautiful, walk with a little bit more confidence, and feel like I am ready to take on the world. 

I highly suggest his movie. Don’t bring your boyfriend, it’s a total chick flick in the best sense of the word. Enjoy this little number with your sisters and friends.


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