Trainwreck (one word) was cute.

I saw an early screening, and I was lucky enough to see a tiny Q&A with the cast before the movie. It was BEFORE the movie, so of course, I didn’t have any great questions yet. It was pretty cool to meet the cast though.
I sat two rows from Judd Apataw, Amy Schumer, Colin Quinn(SNL), Mike Birbiglia, Vanessa Bayer (SNL), and Dave Atell (that comedy show called Insomniac). I had been binge watching Orange Is The New Black, so it was surreal to have Mike Birbigila sitting right in front of me. Mr. Apataw and Ms. Schumer seemed to be cracking each other up, and Colin Quinn had an amused stare. He looked at the audience like “entertain me”.
The movie was cute. I liked it. On the Judd Apataw sick humor scale, it was more Forgetting Sarah Marshal than Superbad.  Both movies are funny, but this film was mainly a love story.  It wasn’t super-sick like Knocked Up, but it was a little more dirty humor than the average rom- com.
Target Audience: I don’t think my boyfriend would have liked it, but he doesn’t love Amy Schumer in general. And he doesn’t like romantic comedies. My sister did like it, and I tend to agree with her on movies.
Amy Schumer is kind of growing on me. I saw her at the oddball comedy tour in Tinley Park last year. She was funnier than I thought she would be. Her commercials on comedy central for her show Inside Amy Schumer, always made me flip the station. I hated them! It always felt like she was trying too hard. I actually think she is either getting funnier, or maybe those commercials weren’t a true measure of her humor.
Bill Hader and Amy Schumer had some chemistry. I think that was one main reason that the movie worked. The plot flowed, and the script was good. I would have cut about half an hour of walking around and walking some more. We don’t need to see how a person got there.
Some of the best moments were with her friend played by Vanessa Bayer. Some of it was spoiled by the trailer, but parts was still new and fun.
One reason that a guy might like the movie are the sport player cameos. John Cena was in the trailer a lot, and he is funny in the few minutes he is in the movie. People were saying that Lebron James was hilarious, and I agree. He brought it. Amy Schumer said it was not fair that he is actually funny, because he already has so many other talents.
Tilda Swinton was amazing, but of course. And that kid from Wallflowers, Ezra Miller had a pretty great comedic moment.
Judd Apataw is a seasoned director, and consistently delivers movies that are easy to watch. Overall, Trainwreck was smooth, clever, and funny.  It will never be your favorite movie, but it is worth a watch.


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