The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Mockingjay Part 1. It depends if you liked the books. If you did, then you know this is a buildup movie. Why did they split the last book into 2 movies? It would have made so much more sense to split the second one up, if they HAD to divide one up at all. Which, I don’t think they did. This movie would have worked better if it had been the whole last book. The reason the second movie was so good, was that it was jam packed with action. This movie could have been better.

It was still good. But, not nearly as good as it could have been. I liked the cast, as usual. The story is sad and overwhelming, which we already knew. They put the money into it, and that shows. I liked certain parts. The promos made by Katniss for District 13 to unite the other districts was emotional and on point. The Mockingjay costume that Cinna had designed for her before he was killed was inspiring and heart wrenching. I also loved Gail in this movie.  For people that didn’t read the book, there was one big surprise. People in my theater actually gasped. And I root for the districts to unite. I want them to make that capital burn, so I had a little bit of fun throughout the film.

Other people in the theater got really into it too. They were raising their fists to join the fight.
Let’s talk about the cast. It is just incredible!

Jenifer Lawrence was fantastic, as usual. Little Thor (I mean, Liam Hemsworth) didn’t really get to show his acting ability. It is still unclear if he would be a good actor. He had a few moments, but I always kind of want more. Josh Hutchenson, wow! He lost so much weight for this movie. It was supposed to be disturbing, and it was. He really looked like a concentration camp victim. He was terrifying.

Woody Harrison, my favorite! I love this guy, and of course he was amazing as usual. He only needs to appear onscreen for me to tear up. But, I am an easy cry. Philip Seymour Hoffman had the best lines, and  Julianne Moore said some of them for him, She was amazing, but that is to be expected. She looks great with that grey hair. It works for this movie.

Sam Claflin, oh Sammy! Why can’t we have more! He is so perfect to play this tragic Finnick. I want more please. Elizabeth Banks stole the show. Watch out for that Effie! She killed it! I have to give a shout out to Natalie Dormer as well. Her hair cut was grotesque/fantastic.

Only in a cast this famous, would Donald Sutherland and Stanley Tucci be on the bottom of the heap. They are always amazing, but hardly showed up in this film.

I also have a few complaints. The movie dragged at times. My boyfriend was bored, so think twice about taking your boyfriend. He really liked the second movie, but this one didn’t live up to the hunger games franchise.

They should have ended the movie 5 min earlier. That is all I will say to avoid spoilers. But, once you see it, you will know what I mean.

It shouldn’t have been sliced in half. There wasn’t enough story to make it two movies. One cram packed movie of awesomeness would have been better. Instead of what they did, make two movies out of one book.

Overall, I say it was a good Movie. It must be seen in order to enjoy the last movie. BUT, it could have been faster with more action. My suggestion is see it, but go into it with lower expectations. That way, you will not be disappointed.  You may even like it.


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