Cinematic sweet spot of clever and beauty. I loved it! The main character always feels like he is at risk of missing things. Granted, he does miss a lot, so he is not being paranoid. Don’t be like him. Don’t miss this film! It was like the movie “Stay” mashed up with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” with and a dash of “Amelie.”
5 questions Answered:
What was this movie about?
It is 4 scenes of a relationship cut up and interwoven in time. There is a dreamlike quality to it, which makes it exhilarating; in the way that anything can happen. But, it is not too much to wade through, not murky or bogged down the way some dream movies can be.

Who is in it?
Justin Long and Emmy Rossum. The cast is tiny. It is a bold choice to go with only about 2 people in the whole movie, but it worked. I must confess though, I am a huge Justin Long fan. I would probably see any movie he was in. I am neutral towards Rossum, even though she always gets such critical acclaim. I thought she was very cool in this movie.

Only two people, wasn’t it boring?
I was not bored, and I sat there smiling for parts of it. You can feel the struggle and the love. Really it was just perfect. I usually feel like there is so much room to make a movie like this turn into a dragged out torturous affair. I have seen a bunch of movies likes this, that didn’t work. It was too broken, too fragmented to make sense really. The acting sucked or the ending didn’t fit.
But, this film was the opposite. It worked in a way that those movies didn’t.

What made this an artful masterpiece?
The script was perfect.  It felt real, yet cleaver. You wish you had conversations like these, and you have said these things in a sense. One line from the movie and in the trailer just makes my heart flutter.

“There are parallel universes out there where this didn't happen. Where I was with you, and you were with me. And whatever universe that is that's the one where my heart lives in.”
I mean, come one! Right! 

The director made such pretty decisions. Yeah, I said it. The movie is very cool in that pink and yellow kind of way. The actors are cute, and the sets are adorable. Verging on Bryan Fuller kind of whimsical.  The story is classic, but the actors really make it worth watching. The music was modern and drove the story forward. The movie was a good length as well. It wasn’t too long at only 91 min.

Who should you see this with?
My sister loved it. I wouldn’t drag my boyfriend. It is a little too girly for him. Unless your boyfriend is into artsy films, I wouldn’t make him watch it.

Where did I find it?

I saw a trailer on youtube a while ago. And I have been waiting for a free screening or for it show up in my cinearts theater. I never came across it. I kept it in the back of my mind, and finally looked it up last week. It was on direct tv demand 2 day rental for $8. You can rent it on amazon for $7.


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