Sweet and sad, lovely and beautiful.
This was a dramatic 1950s love story. I loved it! I will see it again, but I do love these types of movies. The cool thing about this film for me was how well I related to it, even though the main character and I have nothing in common. I feel like if I was thrust into her life, I would feel and act in a similar way.
The story is pretty basic from the trailer. An Irish Girl in the 1950s moves to Brooklyn to start a new life. She is brave and smart, but she is lonely. Then of course, she meets a boy and falls in love. She must make the hard choice of returning home or staying in New York.
First, I have to talk about the cloths! I loved her dresses. Gorgeous doesn’t cover it. I want almost all those cloths in my closet right now please! She wears shear patterned shirts with off- white sweaters, royal blue dresses, light blue cardigans, coral stripes…I want it all. They dressed up Saoirse Ronan like a little doll, and she looked great in everything.
Her striking blue eyes carry the movie. You can feel what she feels, and see what she sees.  Saoirse Ronan already impressed me in The Grand Budapest Hotel and even Hanna. She carried herself with class and wit. She was sweet, but had a little bit of crackle. I really like her more now.
Emory Cohen is a new actor for me. I guess he was in Smash the TV show. He was fantastic. He totally pulls it off as the dreamboat love interest. He really is a so cute. I look forward to seeing him in other movies.
I am a huge fan of Domhnall Gleeson. I loved, loved, loved about time. And he was great as ever in this.

Don Draper’s ex-wife made a few appearances. Jessica ParĂ© is always kind of funny.
Nick Hornsby wrote the script. He did well. He wrote the novels High Fidelity, About a Boy, and  A Long Way Down. All three are spectacular stories. No surprise this screenplay was well plotted and interesting. This movie worked great, despite it being a bit different than his usual work. This story follows a woman, instead of man. And this woman with purpose is in the past. So, he can’t reference current movies or music at all, Poor Horsby. Perhaps it helped that the movie is based on a book, and the director John Crowley has a great sense of timing. He directed Intermission (Cillian murphy), another film set in Ireland.
My sister liked it, not loved it. I want to bring my mom and other sister when I see it again. She likes these types of movies more. We both like the dramatic love story with amazing details. I will never try to drag my boyfriend. He would hate it! Total chick flick all the way.
I keep trying to think of a good comparison for this film. It is a tiny bit like Circle of Friends meets the notebook plus a dash of Avalon. That is the closest I can come up with, but that isn’t entirely accurate either. Eh, just go see it if you like historical period dramas with an intense love story. Or if you want to swoon over a beautiful 1950s wardrobe.


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