Our Brand is Crisis.

Getting mooned by Sandra Bullock was hilarious.

Ok, that was my only spoiler, but I think it was in the trailer. I thought this movie was good. I had medium to high expectations. I was not disappointed, but it certainly didn’t exceed them. There were a few moments of pure genius, and a lot of waiting. This movie is a thinker. I am still remembering beloved moments. This movie was funny and the pursuit of winning drove the film forward.

I am a huge fan of Sandra Bullock. She was great in this. This is another movie where the lack of dialogue is better than speaking. Her controlled silence brought a smile to my face. She is always fantastic when she does her speeches, but we already knew she would be. She chooses great roles, and this character is deeply flawed yet redeemable. I appreciate that.

I weirdly also like Billy Bob Thornton. The one dimensional pervy- villain type suits him. I don’t mind rooting for him to fail, and he brings it upon himself. Which is the point, I suppose.

Anthony Mackie is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. Remember when he was magical in The Adjustment Bureau? He still retains some of that enchantment in his Marvel Movies. We are confident in his ability to help his co-stars shine, and he has done that again.

One thing I would absolutely change about the movie is the amount of time it takes to get the plot going. It starts off well, but then drags for a bit before Ms. Bullock gets back into the swing of things. Way too long. I can understand letting her get used to her surroundings, but it really just went on and on.. We can’t change it now, but I would take a note from Olivia Pope, and start fixing quicker.

I like these kinds of political movies, but I must admit. I wished it was a little bit more like Speechless. This was good in a different way. It was more moving and poignant, less comedy. If my boyfriend loved  politics or Sandra Bullock, then I think he would have liked this movie. Don’t take a first date, its not romantic. One of my sisters liked it immediately; the other liked it after she thought about it a few min. I think my mom would have liked it, not loved it.  I would say to go with your friends that do PR, like to argue, or follow politics in general. They will enjoy it the best.


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