Clean and Bold .
This film was a drama. Don’t be fooled!  This was not a romantic comedy. It was a short film though, with a run time of 1 hour 41 min.
Burnt was very good. The movie had a seamless feel to it, which is appreciated. Bradley Cooper pulled out his acting card again. He was quite believable as a desperate man struggling to get his life put back together.
I am a fan of Sienna Miller, and she was very cool.  She is usually adorable, but this one dress she wore was horrific! The dress might have worked if she was wearing the right size? I am not sure. And it might be time to pull it up/wear a bra…not sure. It was a mess.
Emma Thompson, come on! She is the best! I adore her. Stranger Than Fiction is one of my favorite movies. She did not disappoint.
There were a few people in this movie I hadn’t seen before, but I was very impressed. I fell in love with Daniel Brühl  a little. I am a sucker for a tragic character like that. Watch out for him, he is going to be a super-villain in Captain America 3 as far as I know.
Even Uma Thurman made an appearance. Omar Sky (Bishop from X-Men Days of Future Past) and Mather Rhys (the Americans) really came through. Rhys as an enemy is too perfect. I revel in a villain we relate to.
I especially liked the lack of script. I mean, there was a script, but the silences were as important as the words. Acting talent is required to make this work, and It was refreshing.
I did think the camera work was a little bit peculiar. They kept showing Bradley Cooper from the side view. I think he is very handsome, but his face is a bit flatter from this angle. I thought it was a very bizarre choice. Plus Emma Thompson had her head titled constantly. It was kind of weird.
John Wells directed. He is no stranger to high profile actors such as Cooper. He directed August: Osage County with Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Ewan McGregor.
The food did look wonderful. I was worried to go to this movie hungry, so I had to get Portillos on the way, of course. There was no need to worry. The food didn’t look too amazing to me, but I am not a huge fan of fish. I might have to make an omelet soon though, those eggs looked to die for!
My boyfriend would have hated it. My sisters liked it. I will suggest the movie to my mom. I would probably watch it again if it was free, but I wouldn’t seek it out. Watching this movie once, was good enough. Overall, I thought it was very good, and worth a viewing.


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